I trying to setup a Raid 1 using btrfs.

Generally ArchLinuxARM supports single device btrfs without tweaking anything. But adding another device and rebooing results in a boot failure "Device not found".

So I figured out, that using an initrd (or initramfs) solves this, as it can hande btrfs. At Archlinux there is the mkinitcpio tool, which I used:

HOOKS="base udev autodetect modconf block btrfs filesystems keyboard fsck"

And the command:

sudo mkinitcpio -g /boot/initrd

Then I added this to /boot/cmdline.txt


And to /boot/config.txt

initramfs initrd 0xa00f00000

But it simply ignoring this and not using initramfs at boot. I checked this adding break and break=premount in cmdline.txt, which has just an effect, when using initramfs.

So where is my fault?

PS.: ArchLinuxARM linux kernel has initrd support. I checked this.

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