I'm thinking of using Sandisk Ultra/Extreme Plus/Extreme Pro with either 8GB or 16GB capacity.

I've searched the net about people having problem with Extreme/Ultra series but those are from older hardware/OS.

Will this microSD card work with an rPi 2?


The Sandisk Ultra/Extreme Plus/ Extreme Pro should work in the Raspberry Pi 2, recent kernel updates have fixed any previous problems associated with those cards. Have a look at the list on this website:


And this page may also be useful to you:



I personally use the 32GB Sandisk Ultra in my RPi 2. It works really well, and so long as you have a decent power supply, you shouldn't have any issues with most name brand microSD cards.

  • I've accumulated several 5v 2A phone chargers through the years from Samsung/Sony (chargers that came with the device). :) Thanks for the tip though!
    – mrjayviper
    Jun 17 '15 at 13:36

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