I have tried multiple ways I got on Google, without luck.

I know if I am on an Ubuntu machine, I can use BlueMan to configure this. Actually I have already succeeded in that. However, I think BlueMan based approaches will NOT work because my Pi does NOT have X, and I don't want to install BlueMan either. I would like to solve this just using BlueZ and some simple scripts if necessary.

My Raspberry Pi runs Raspbian. My BlueZ is version 4.99. hcid.conf is NOT found in /etc/bluetooth. pand has been installed but I cannot see any new interface related to Bluetooth added to ifconfig results.

My idea is that, I should be able to create a virtual interface into ifconfig results, and manage it with a static IP address defined in /etc/network/interfaces. Then I can run normal IP forwarding etc. I am not sure if this is the correct way of doing this, but so far I cannot find anything new in results of ifconfig.

A lot of articles I found use bridge. I'd prefer NAT if possible. Because I don't think bridges work for Wi-Fi interfaces. I already have a Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi forwarding NAT configured on this Pi, therefore, once I can connect a device to a virtual interface on Pi, the rest should be trivial, I think.

I have asked this question on Super User, but they suggested I ask it here.

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