We design a wooden box with a high-quality speaker inside. Inside the box we have a Raspberry Pi 2, which generates music. We need about 15 Watts power for the speaker, max. We could amplify the output of the phones jack. A better solution might be the onboard connector P5. Is there dedicated Raspberry hardware that connects with P5 and delivers enough power for "loudspeakers"?


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One nice solution would be to use TDA7297 stereo amplifier IC (2x15 watt stereo), and build a custom PCB:


You can even buy an amplifier based on this IC from Amazon:


TDA7297 Amplifier Circuit

I've tested this circuit, and it works fine with RPi.


Have a look at the Hifiberry products while the "newer" products use the GPIO pins, the Amp+ (DAC + amplifier) and the DAC+ board share the following pins (see here GPIO usage):

  • GPIO 2 and 3 for configuration
  • GPIO 28 through 31 for the sound interface

but the "older" DAC (not DAC+) on the other hand does not use any of the GPIO pins but the onboard sound connector P5. However it only works with the older Raspberry Pi models A and B - which makes me wonder why you seek to use the P5 connector with a Pi 2.

Disclaimer: I am not using any HiFiBerry boards as of now, so this answer is based on the available documentation only.

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