I have installed raspbian (and 2 other distro's) on an 8G Class 10 card in my raspberry Pi 2 and I am running out of space on root filesystem after adding a few applications. I understand from debian reference that I maybe able to add space into an existing directory using aufs and I am thinking if this could be the solution.

According to the Aufs homepage the kernel version on my pi (3.18.16+...) is supported, however aptitude search aufs returns no results. Based on the info in the debian reference I was looking for aufs-tools or kernel modules to show up.

I am thinking support is not available by default since /sbin/mount.aufs is not present and man aufs does not find anything - maybe I am wrong.

Any idea on how I can enable aufs support on raspbian ?

By the way, if at all this works, I intend to mount /usr from a USB disk and leave the rest of the root file system intact.

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There seems to be troubles including aufs support in main line kernel (Source: Ubuntu). You might be better off using OverlayFS, as suggested, the support of which apparently is already included.

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