I would like to automatically resize the window just after starting the system. Until now I achieve to start the browser automatically after the start just by adding the following code.


@xset s off
@xset -dpms
@xset s noblank
@epiphany-browser http://www.google.de

Lets say I want that the windows size be half of the screen. How can I achieve it? I heard about geometry, but how to use it?

update: Unfortunately, geometry is not supported by epiphany. Any other idea?

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In the man page there is:

-l, --load-session=FILE

Load the given session file

There may be something in the session file that determines screen size


I heard about geometry, but how to use it?

Not all GUI apps have this, but if they do it is generally of the format:

-geometry WidthxHeight+Xoffset+Yoffset

E.g., -geometry 800x300+200+0. The offsets are optional but if you want one you must use both. You can use negative offsets.


This is a crazy idea and is absolutely not the 'right' way to do things, but;-

You can use the xdotool command to simulate mouse movement and clicks. Once Epiphany has started, you might be able to script a way to click and drag the size of the window.

See this page for more info.

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