When I am configuring Wi-Fi using "wifi_config" in Raspbian OS, there is a field called PSK which I should complete and I don't know what PSK means. Can any one help me in resolving PSK and connect to Wi-Fi or at least suggest to me where can I can get that key?

  • How is your wifi network configured? Are you using WPA/WPA2? PSK (pre-shared key as @dastaan notes) is usually associated with WPA. Do you have other equipment besides the RPi connecting? – bobstro Jul 4 '15 at 15:08

PSK stands for Pre Shared Key. It is your wifi password.

  • yes ,Then i have used the wifi password and connected but at the authentication am getting "failed to initiate AP scan" and when iam opening the browser (i.e) netsurf browser i am getting it an error message "no route to host" – Sharath Vedala Jul 4 '15 at 12:20

The key is on the back of your wifi Modem. Should be called "PSK", or "WPA2 KEY", Paraphrase"

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