I just got a elctronics for Arduino/Raspberry Pi. The problem is that all the jumper cables included are male to male.

I know I could easily just buy more cables, but I'm wondering if any of you know a good way to build DYI female jumper cables using male ones as a base. That would be extreme useful for emergencies.


Solder the two male ends of two cables together. It is a dirty solution and you'll loose half of your cables, but you were talking about emergencies.

I suppose you could cut the male end off and replace it with a female header, but - because you'll probably have to go to the store for buying those headers - you'll better off buying new cables in that same store.

Over here those cables retail for about 15 a dollar. M2M, M2F and F2F header pins with 5-20cm cable in all colors of the rainbow. I know you were talking about DIY, but think about it...

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    Unfortunately they would still end up being male-male cables, but the upside is they would be twice as long!
    – joan
    Jul 12 '15 at 7:51
  • Sorry! You have M2M, I misread the original cables as being M2F... FWIW sometimes there's connector/cables stuff to be found in old computer cases and/or electronics.
    – EDP
    Jul 12 '15 at 11:30

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