I recently found out about the new Raspberry Pi camera driver - uv4l I only have a b+ model, so unfortunately I can't use the WebRTC streaming.

I am okay with using the MJPEG, uv4l has a great example of an embedded MJPEG stream on the camera control page.

However - I don't know how do I start a stream manually, without using the control page, and how do I embed it in a web page (i.e. what do I put for the src attribute of the image?)

I would really appreciate any help with this.

So far I only found this man page: http://www.linux-projects.org/modules/sections/index.php?op=viewarticle&artid=13

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OK, I figured this out.

Once you access the stream URL (by default its http://raspberry.com:8080/stream/video.mjpeg) - the camera starts recording.

As soon as you stop reading from it - the camera stops.

So for example if, on your webpage you have the following html code for the stream:

<img src="http://raspberry.com:8080/stream/video.mjpeg"> - just remove the src attribute so the browser stops sending requests for new frames and the camera will stop. To access the stream again - just puth the src url back.


See this example at the homepage:click here. It says:

If you want to directly get the HTTP/MJPEG (Video) stream from the server, e.g. with VLC, type from the client:

client ~ $ cvlc http://raspberrypi:8080/stream/video.mjpeg

Therefore take the source URL above and embed it somewhere in your HTML page. Or just copy the HTML source to see how UV4L does it.

  • Thanks! But how do I start the camera to record the stream? I am currently playing with this command: uv4l --driver mjpegstream --uri URI Will update this post if I do come up with a solution to my original question.
    – YemSalat
    Jul 14, 2015 at 6:54

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