I've make and install hostapd from sources on my raspi 2 Raspbian. But how to run it as a service?

sudo service hostapd start

returns hostapd: unrecognized service

In case of update-rc.d:

update-rc.d hostapd enable


update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing
update-rc.d: error: cannot find a LSB script for hostapd

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service is kind of a shortcut to saying /etc/init.d. So I guess you don't have a hostapd file with permissions 755 (by chmod 755, which means read write execute for owner, read execute for group and read execute for others) in /etc/init.d.

What I suggest is you should make a clean reinstall, if your WiFi dongle is compatible I can suggest this tutorial : http://elinux.org/RPI-Wireless-Hotspot

You can check compatibility by iw list | grep AP.

Hope this helps.

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