As a Fedora desktop user, and having just battled through trying to get stuff vaguely up-to-date on Raspbian (wheezy base image), I though I could install Fedora REMIX (i.e. Pidora) to see if it would be easier to fix the issue there.

The problem is the image is no longer available on the offical Pi downloads page, and the version that is available is 20, which is a old version (almost as old as Debian Wheezy) that went EOL with the release of 22 (a month or so ago). So can it is possible to get a newer image as a download, or via (available) instructions to modify a Fedora ARM base image?

Also, would the normal Fedora ARM version be suitable (is it missing the Pi GPIO drivers & libaries?).

Using a old Raspberry Pi B (2011) if it matters (which I don't thing supports Ubuntu Snappy), it would be interesting to know it if is supported whether Fedora REMIX supports the new model. Otherwise I'll just update the Raspbian image installed to Jessie... or manually modify a Fedora ARM base to suit what I need.

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The Fedora ARM version will only run on the rpi2 (ARMv7).

No one has bothered to make an ARMv6 build of 21 or 22 yet.

Keep an eye on this;



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