I have installed an windows 8-style cursor theme for openbox, as that is the default raspbian gui(I think)and used it with xfce which I installed on raspbian. I can't find a mouse configuration tool where I can change the theme. Any ideas?

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Xfce mouse configuration tool is xfce4-mouse-settings. I don't have any Debian based distribution at hand but it should be installed with aptitude install xfce4-mouse-settings. You can substitute aptitude with apt-get if the former is not installed with Raspbian.

Also note that you can install a new cursor theme by unpacking the archive (generally a ZIP file) into $HOME/.icons, i.e. the .icons subdirectory of your user profile's directory. It is a hidden directory, as indicated by the leading period. To change your current cursor theme manually, edit (or create) this file:


with the following content:

[icon theme] 

Just don't be fooled by the term "icon". However this will create a hard "link" to the default cursor theme, which may interfere with the cursor theme settings in xfce4-mouse-settings.

(Graciously copied from Arch Wiki.)

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