I want a version that has the official Spotify user interface, either the web player interface, or the standard program interface.

I don't like the interface of the XBMC (Kodi) Spotify add-ons, or the interface of Despotify, as they are very text based and involve using the back/forward buttons a lot, and hence don't work very well with small touch screens. However, if you look at the web player interface, you can see this will work really well with a small Touch screen.

I essentially want to create a system that works very much like the android app for Spotify, but if I manage to get the web player or normal program working on the Raspbery Pi then I will not have the restrictions that are on the android app. I do not have Spotify premium. Is there a way I can achieve what I want?


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    You can use it on full screen chromium kiosk mode. As far as restriction of free account goes, buy premium. – dhruvvyas90 Aug 2 '15 at 8:20
  • @dastaan, I thought it didn't work with chromium because you cannot get flash on Linux? Also what restrictions will there be? I cannot afford premium at the moment, but I do not mind adverts. The only restrictions I want to avoid are the mobile app ones (can only skip 5 times a day, and can only play songs in shuffle) – Blue7 Aug 2 '15 at 10:04

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