just wanted to ask if SSH is enabled by default on the Minibian OS? If not, how can I enable it without a monitor or get access to the pi?

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According to MINIBIAN features SSH is enabled by default.

  • Kernel 3.18.7+ #755
  • 13 secs boot (on RPi 2)
  • 24 MB RAM used
  • 334 MB disk space used
  • Fit on 512MB SD Card
  • Optimized ext4 file system with swap disabled
  • Support for RPi B, RPi B+ and the new RPi 2
  • Targeted for embedded or server applications (NAS, Web server, electronic applications)
  • 100% full compatbile with officiale release
  • DHCP client enabled
  • SSHD enabled
  • root user enabled (default password: raspberry – please change it a.s.a.p.)

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