I bought the Raspberry Pi 2 last week. When booted without Ethernet cable plugged in it works fine. When I connect the cable to Ethernet port on Pi, it simply does not boot. The lights below Ethernet port will be on.

  • You should include a description of what you mean by "does not boot". If there's a problem, the green ACT light will blink repeatedly in a regular pattern (e.g., 7 blinks, pause, 7 blinks, pause...). If it just blinks twice, ostensibly it did at least boot the kernel, in which case you should get some output if you plug in a monitor. This will provide a clue. If the ethernet lights are on, almost certainly the kernel did boot because that requires an OS to work.
    – goldilocks
    Aug 14, 2015 at 18:43
  • What are the power and act lights doing (red and green) Nov 13, 2015 at 4:28

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That is most likely a power issue. Check that your supply is giving at least 5v@700ma. I would recommend more current. Depending on what devices you have attached you may need a power supply with a current rating of 1 amp or more. Also, sometimes those adapters have faulty and misleading labels. If you have a multimeter check the two test points to make sure the right voltage is getting to your pi.


The problem I had was the eth0 device being set to "auto", if that is changed to "allow-hotplug" it will boot without eth0 being connected.

Edit /etc/network/interfaces to make this change.

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