I have been trying for months to get tor-browser-bundle TBB to run on my RPI2. My knowlege of linux is very limited. I have tried to download from Torproject and cannot get it to run. I have tried in most of the oses in NOOBS and BERRYBOOT. I do not know how to get Straight DEBIAN to run on the RIP2. I have tried to get Tor-Launcher to run and load it for me. I would love for someone knowlegable to get TOR-BROWSER to run on a rpi2 and tell me (and the rest of the world) how it is done. It might require knowlege of where to run it. It might require re- compiling it for a particular version of linux. I would consider giving an rpi2 to someone who needs it to build TBB on. (There seems to be another program that seems to be named TBB) Anyway I am short of knowlege to do this task myself after several months of looking on the web.

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Welcome Glenn, no need to reinvent the wheel!

Courtesy of Adafruit !


No need to reinvent the wheel !

  • Great! - but could you please add the tutorial into your answer? Links often go dead and if it does this answer will become useless...
    – Wilf
    Aug 19, 2015 at 13:05

I just asked Google and there's a plethera of guides on how to setup Tor on RPi proxy; the best constructed one has been linked and to skip ahead to where they get into installation and configuration. To get the RPi's local browser to also rout through Tor is browser spicific so search for <browser name> how to connect to Tor for the browser you wish to use on the RPi itself.

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