I needed to simulate touch screen device on Raspberry, and there are some issues installing the driver. So, as a workaround, I'm using Chromium for that purpose with --simulate-touch-screen-with-mouse flag:

chromium --simulate-touch-screen-with-mouse http://my-site.com

It perfectly simulates scrolling, but clicks are not working in the page. How can I make the clicks (and right clicks) work?

Chromium version is 22.

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The problem is Chrome/Chromium needs to be set up to use touch devices - their are a varying set of solutions over on AskUbuntu:

  • Run chrome with options to use the touch device:

    Run it with:

    google-chrome --touch-devices=10

    Where 10 is the ID of the touchscreen (possibly noted by ``) in xinput list

    Other available helpful options are --touch-events=enabled & --enable-pinch - more options are available here. You may not need to modify the command line arguments directly if you add export CHROMIUM_USER_FLAGS="--touch-devices=10" to your ~/.profile.

  • Enable a flag:

    Navigate to chrome://flags/#touch-events and set it to enabled

This may not be needed in newer Chrome versions, but these are probably unavailable on the Pi: How can I install the latest version of Chromium?

  • There is no luck with all above flags, maybe I should install the latest version of Chromium... Thank you, I'll be back.
    – ceremcem
    Aug 19, 2015 at 20:15

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