Is the Raspberry Pi B compatible with a USB DAC mini amp such as the Topping VX1?

According to the Topping VX1 specs, it has: DAC: USB Controller by Burr-Brown PCM2704 Tripaths TA2024B chipset

I have a Topping VX1 which I am using with a macbook via USB cable, and I would like to know if it would be compatible with the Raspberry Pi B. Is it plug & play, or is some configuration/setup required?

Edit: I guess I will have to just try it out myself :) The Pi 2 should be arriving soon.

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Yes, the Topping VX1 USB DAC mini amp is plug and play compatible with the Raspberry Pi B running Volumio v 1.55.

"VX1" appears on the Playback MPD Configuration - Audio Output menu. Sound quality is very good.

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