I have a raspberry pi, and I a significant number of relays in my house that I want to monitor. How can I use the Raspberry pi to monitor these relays, I do know a bit of electronic knowledge and good amount of python code.

There are 64 relays I need to check, and need it to check if one goes out, which one had gone out. All of the relays are fairly close together enough that could wire them directly to the pi.

Any ideas on how I could go about this?

  • For starters, define what you mean by "goes out"? The way I read your question your trying to find out when a relay fails to work properly. If that's the case what fails, the contacts or coil? Or are you just wanting to know the state of the relay, that is when it turns on or off? – Tyson Sep 25 '15 at 4:13
  • IUser.. care to add more details to the question, e.g what Tyson asked for? What failure modes of the relay should be covered? Could also be advisable to take this question to electronics.stackexchange.com for the general electrics part - independent of the Pi. – Ghanima Nov 18 '15 at 22:59

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