I would like to record 2 or more channels of good audio (up to 15-20 kHz) with Raspberry Pi for nature / street sound capture.

What hardware do I need?

Does naked Raspi contain ANY ADC or sound capture?


Don't even think about any shopping advices or other offtopics. I will Google for items myself, but any terminology and/or architecture and/or chipset notes would be appreciated.

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    The Pi has no usable ADC. The rest of the question seems to be asking for shopping advice which may be off topic for this site.
    – joan
    Sep 28, 2015 at 11:17

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Audio has two common ways to get into the Pi: I2S and USB.

  • I2S is a standard digital interface between a codec and a processor. This is probably more complicated than you are looking for, but there are off the shelf boards that have a codec designed for plugging into the Pi. Likely will require you solder a header onto the Pi.
  • USB. Generally any Linux supported microphone or webcam will work. Look at RasPi compatible hardware lists for more info. USB microphones are often higher quality and higher price.

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