I am trying to install a waveshare LCD touch screen on a Raspberry Pi running the OctoPi (Raspbian based) OS.

Following the Waveshare tutorial:

I have downloaded and extracted the drivers and moved them onto the /home/pi folder using WinSCP. Now when I navigate to /home/pi/LCD-show and try to run-

sudo ./LCD5-show

I get the response-

sudo: LCD5-show: command not found

Is there another way to run the command? I know that the file name is correct and I am in the correct folder. I have checked the LCD5-show file and I don't see anything blatantly wrong with it so I'm assuming I am messing up the syntax somewhere.

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    Check the permissions on the file. They should include the eXecutable bit. To make sure the file is executable, you can type 'sudo chmod 755 ./LCD5-show` - this will make the file executable for its owner, the owners group and everybody else. If you want to make it explicitly only executable by the owner, do sudo chmod 744 which takes away the group and everybody executable rights. – Phil B. Oct 16 '15 at 23:41

Check to make sure the command is in the folder by using ls ~/LCD-show if it is there, then you may need to edit the file permissions via chmod enter the command: sudo chmod +x ~/LCD-show/LCD5-show. If that doesn't work, make sure you are typing the name of the command correctly, and that LCD5-show is actually the name.

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