I'm using waveshare 5 inch HDMI touchscreen on my raspberry pi , I need a python code to determine the X,Y coordinates of touched point. Do you have any idea ?

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Your touchscreen works just as every other screen. I suppose you also had to connect an USB cable to your Pi. This acts just like a normal mouse. When you touch your screen, that virtual mouse moves to that point and makes a click there.

You can get the position of the mouse with pyautogui The following code prints the mouse position:

import pyautogui

I hope that helps, otherwise clarify your question or write a comment

  • This link mentions they use GPIO, not USB, for touch events on the 5" screen. Apparently Waveshare's 7" screen does use HID USB.
    – jdonald
    Jul 29, 2019 at 1:02

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