When I connect to my RPi via SSH and type airmon-ng it shows me the wifi cards, as expected. But when I type the command to look for networks, with airodump-ng, it slowly starts to lag, freezes so I have to disconnect from SSH.

Is there a way to prevent this from lagging?

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You need to determine what makes you lag. It is very hard to improve things without knowing what there is to improve.

There are 2 possibilities that I see at the moment :
1- The cpu is overloaded by airodump-ng and possibly other processes.
2- You are connecting via SSH through wifi and having both overloads the network.

Using top or htop can give you an overview of the running processes. If you see that airodump-ng takes all cpu then you can't really do anything about it. If there are other processes taking cpu, try to kill them if they are not absolutely essential.

Have you tried running airodump-ng without SSH?

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I can't think of anything very good, but I'll give you what I have at the moment:

You could overclock your pi with raspi-config

A better card may potentially help, but this part is unlikely.

To say the least: Raspberry pis are not very powerful, which limits their performance.

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