I have Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi 2 and I am trying to connect to WiFi with it. It is able to see current networks but when I click one it asks for password and does nothing after I click OK (No warning or a slightest change, I'm sure password is correct). However when I set up a personal hotspot (still with password) from my phone, it can connect to it after I click OK. Even then, it does not connect to internet, it just shows the signal strength bar and browser is stuck at loading... (I'm also sure my phone has internet and its personal hotspot works fine with other devices).

I am using Edup 802.11n wireless adapter. I do not have an ethernet cable since I am going to use a shared network of a dormitory where router is not in physical reach.

  • How do I approach this?
  • What could be the problem and a possible solution?

Edit 1
My question is different than RPi sees my usb wifi dongle but doesn't see any APs since I am able to see WiFi but have no action when I click connect. When I try hotspots it says it is connected but there is no response from the internet when I ping. Please read my question carefully before you mark it.

Edit 2
netstat -nr gives nothing normally. and iwconfig says network is unassociated even right after I attempt to connect and it does not warn about any failure.

Here is the output of netstat -nr when I try personal hotspot

Destination - Gateway     - Genmask       - Flags     - -         UG     - -         UG -     - U


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