Today I bought a 32GB sd card and inserted it into my Raspberry Pi 2B. I installed Ubuntu Mate on it. Now I was installing some apps, and it says there's no more free space to install apps on. It has only used 3.6GB so far. I want to use the full 32GB. Anyone who knows how to fix this?

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From the Ubuntu Mate Raspberry Pi page

to re-size the file system:

sudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk0

then delete the second partition and recreate it by selecting the following menu options:

 - d
 - 2
 - n
 - p
 - 2
 - enter
 - w

then reboot the system.


Many people find the official instructions confusing. To clarify

run sudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk0

Then press the keys in order:

d 2 to delete,

n p 2 Enter Enter to re-create.

Verify the prompts to make sure what you are entering is sensible.

Reboot and enter:-

sudo resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p2

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