I'm having trouble connecting to my xpra server. I've installed Xpra version v0.14.10, on my raspberry pi 2 which running on Raspbian Jessie Distro.

I connect to my RPi through putty with X11 forwarding Enabled, and X display location being: localhost:0:0

I run the command:

sudo xpra start :1337 --start-child=xterm --bind-tcp=

on the server side (RPi) and on my windows I try connecting to the xpra server using the Xpra Launcher. My settings are:

Mode: TCP
Encoding: H.264
Quality: Auto
Speed: Auto : 1337
No password

When I try to connect it outputs an error in red:

server requested disconnect: server error (error accepting new connection)

Has anyone encountered this problem before? How do you fix it? Thank you.


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