I have a small 5" touchscreen and, with some driver updates and some other things, it did work on Raspbian Wheezy.

I installed CarPC over it as required, however my touchscreen stopped working but does display the image. Is there anyone who has an idea how I can solve it? Because it seems I can't boot into Raspbian itself to check the settings. Also running the touchscreen calibration add-on doesn't work and gives the following message:

Reverse the USB cable from the touchscreen to the RPI.

The thing is that I can't reverse it since it of course only fits one way and also it did work so it can't be the problem.

All help is welcome.

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Try installing these generic touchscreen drivers. They seem to work with everything (except Kivy)

  • thank you for the reply, I will test it as soon as i have time for it.
    – F.J
    Nov 3, 2015 at 10:59

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