I've used pacman on Arch to install xorg-server and Qt5, but keep running into "display not found issues" or "qmlviewer cannot connect to x server" when running xhost and qmlviewer respectively.

The X11 server appears to work (I can run Xterm), but I suspect I'm taking the wrong approach to building Qt on my Pi... Do I actually need an X server to run Qt on Pi? I keep reading about how QTonPi bypasses X based rendering...

Should I uninstall xorg-server, Qt5 and attempt to build QTonPi, or can I "patch" my current installation?

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Check this for complee details on how to build Raspberry Pi.

And this for your particular issue.

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    Perhaps you could add a synopsis here... link-only answers are not helpful!
    – Andrew
    Dec 20, 2012 at 11:46

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