1.I have interfaced Pi-camera version1.3 with raspberry pi. Problem is I am not able to get any preview with this.

  1. Following libs are added: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install python-picamera sudo apt-get install python3-piamera sudo apt-get install omxplayer

  2. On terminal when I typed:$raspistill -p Error generated: invalid command line option (-p)

  3. I am successfully able to get image with following command: $raspistill -o image.png

  4. Though when I tried to run in python code, I don't get any preview. Although a video file is formed. But while video is recording I dont screen anything on streaming of video i.e no preview. import picamera import time

    camera = picamera.Picamera()

  5. After that a video file of arounf 10MB is created on disk. But when I try to run it with omxplayer, only below message appears on terminal, no video file running $omxplayer videofile.h264

Video codec omx-h264 width 1024 height 768 profile 100 fps 25.000000 Subtitle count: 0, state: off, index: 1, delay: 000000V:PortSettingsChanged: 1024x768@25.00 interlace:0 deinterlace:0 anaglyph:0 par:1 .00 layer:0 alpha:255 have a nice day;)

  1. however I have copied file to window platform & run it in vlc media player. It runned successfully.

Anyhow, I have found the cause. Actually I was running it on window Desktop via VNC. However when I viewed it by monitor connected to HDMi output of Pi, it worked. Preview/video don't come oplay via vnc. Connect HDMi out for this.

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