I am in my last year project dealing with raspberry pi that has the ability to record voice with my single tap on its touchscreen. I already knew how recording and playback works, what i really want an answer is the part where i could build an GUI for my "START" and "STOP" "PLAYBACK" button that executes the same command when typed on lxt terminal. Thanks yall

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    Hi. I'm a rookie Linux user. From what I understand, Rasbian has X graphical interface and I believe you use Xlib to write UI programs. Maybe the Xlib tutorial on buttons would be a place to start? xopendisplay.hilltopia.ca/2009/Mar/… On a button callback, you want to execute a command line? I believe the "system" function can do that for you. linux.die.net/man/3/system – Statement Nov 19 '15 at 20:41

You should be able to use tkinter. It's standard in python so you shouldn't need to install any modules.

I have written many GUI applications using tkinter and it works great for me, however I have never done so on a raspberry pi. It shouldn't be any different though.

There are also plenty of other libraries if tkinter isn't for you.

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