My Raspberry Pi has an internal IP address of say and I'm running a webserver on this IP address. If I navigate from my Macbook to this address I'm met with my current website. I'd like to host btsync as well on this machine but if I visit the default port and IP binding for btsync,, on my Macbook the browser spins for a while and eventually times out. What is the correct way to setup a webserver instance and btsync instance so that I can access the btsync Web Admin page?

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You can check the status with the following command:

sudo service btsync status

(re-)start it with:

sudo service btsync restart

Or maybe you misconfigured something, so you could start a reconfiguration via:

dpkg-reconfigure btsync

Try going to or, it may just be that btsync is using the defalt port of all webserver which is 80.

  • I believe when I setup btsync from the command line it had the option of specifiying the port so I used 8888 by default so when I visit the browser just spins for a long time and timesout. Could there be some configuration I have to make with nginx? Commented Nov 25, 2015 at 4:02

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