I am trying to add a 16*2 LCD Screen to an electronic boxe I am currently building, but when I connect the 5 V power supply to the screen my raspberry pi start to blink and then turn off...

I tried independtly the screen in the past it was working...

On a PCB board I have joined the two 5V Pins of the Raspberry Pi, which supply a ULN28001a for 4 relays and the Screen nothing else... Everything works except when I plug the Screen... Do you have any idea why ?


Sounds like you are trying to take too much power from the 5V supply for the Pi, the screen, the ULN28001a IC and anything that is connected to the USB ports that is not a powered Hub! Also, for that L.C. Display, does it have 5V or 3.3V inputs? Both types exist!

Are you the person who put these posts on the forum at rasbperrypi.org?

More generally, which pins are you using and relating to that, which set of pin "numbers" are you then referring to {"Broadcom", "WiringPi" or actual "header" pins - and on which model of Pi...!}

EDIT: The "later" model Pis will flash/turn off the Power LED when the 5V drops below a certain level (and also flash a "rainbow" coloured square in the top right of the display); FWIW those models can also show a "red" square that indicates that the CPU/GPU is overheating...

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  • Yes I have also posted on the forum of raspberry Pi – Rixpuk Nov 25 '15 at 18:35

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