Context: I wrote some time ago a dashboard which displays text in text widgets placed on a fullscreen window (no user interaction, the content of the widgets changes when receiving signals). It is running on Raspbian, developed on Windows) and based on Qt (PyQT4)

It works fine but the displayed text is hardly configurable (specifically, it handles only a small subset of CSS)

I am now planning to change the display part so that it is entirely based on CSS and JavaScript (using AJAX).

My question: Since this is the only application running on the RPi (at lest from a GUI point of view) I would like to use <something> which would natively display the HTML/CSS/JS content, in read-only mode (that is there is no user interaction).

This is akin to a web browser in fullscreen mode, but without any "end user" web browser functionality, something which would handle the graphical aspects but be launched as a fullscreen application (the HTML/CSS/JS rendering part, basically). As I mentioned, today this is PyQT4, with a root windows launched in .showFullScreen() mode.

What direction should I be looking in, in a RPi context?

Note: the backend (and, today, frontend) is written in Python. Since the GUI will be completely AJAX based (all business logic is in the backend), I can go for anything which accepts HTML/CSS/JS.


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I suggest using a web browser in kiosk mode.

The aptly named Minimal Kiosk Browser ("kweb" and "kweb3") is highly customizable , so don't forget to read the manual !

It is explicitly designed for "embedded" applications , so i guess it fits nicely.

Remove keyboard and mouse or check the manual whether an option to disable input exists (wouldn't surprise me).

  • I tried it but it unfortunately does not support flexbox. I will look at chromium (not obvious to install with the current testing, or epiphany)
    – WoJ
    Dec 6, 2015 at 11:08
  • There is a difference between kweb and kweb3 so far i know , do neither work ?
    – flakeshake
    Dec 7, 2015 at 9:29

A solution is to use Electron which allows to build HTML/CSS/JS/(framework) application as executables.

The excellent framework Quasar has this bult-in.

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