What is the maximum safe voltage to supply to the RPi when powering it through the GPIO pins?

Due to size restraints in a project, I need to supply power to my RPi through the GPIO pins instead of the micro USB plug. I plan on using a UBEC that provides 5V@3A. However, when I measured it, I found it's actually outputing 5.3V.

From this thread I read the RPi's "safe" input voltage range is 5V ±5% for a max safe voltage of 5.25V. Am I pushing it with 5.3V or should that be fine?

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The Pi itself will be safe up to just less than 6V. I would not approach that limit too closely. Mine are often powered from circa 5.8V.

You would have to check any attached persipherals, e.g. USB, HDMI screen, on a case by case basis. As you say USB devices expect 4.75V to 5.25V. My USB wireless dongles work fine.

I'd be shocked if problems arose from a 5.3V supply.

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