Not sure if this is possible, but I would like to set up one of my RaspPi's as online storage. That I can access over the internet but I would like to be able to mount it as a drive on my mac when I use it. Not have to use a web UI

Is this possible and if so can someone point me in the direction of some set up instructions.


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There are many ways you could set this up. You could use a whole host of software to mount the RPi's storage as an ftp or sftp drive, you could use OwnCloud, btsync, or a zillion other things that you could find by googling.

  • Thanks WebDAV seam to be what I need to look for. Which OwnCloud does have. Dec 18, 2015 at 0:09

If you install netatalk on the Pi you can use it from OS X. You can connect using open afp://raspberrypi.local on the Mac. It is also possible to connect from the sidebar in Finder although I find this annoying.

This lets you access the shared items in Finder or any other file utility.

There is some configuration on the Pi (which you can find in the man if you install netatalk), but by default it mounts your home directory.

If you try this and have questions search this site for netatalk or ask in detail.

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