I can't seem to tell if the Raspberry Pi Zero's female micro USB port is and/or requires USB OTG. I see a lot of people talking about USB OTG on the Zero, but the specs I've seen don't mention USB OTG, just USB.

Therefore, do you need a USB OTG cable, or can a simple physical adapter be used in conjunction with the Pi Zero?


The wiki page is the best way to read up on USB OTG and what makes it different from USB.


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The port is USB OTG. All discussions on RPi.org's blog and the fact that most vendors provide according adapter kits point that way.


A USB OTG connector is just a micro USB male to USB type A female but some of the pins are grounded and there are extra pins. You can still use any type of micro USB cord that supports data and power, or you can use an OTG cable. So yes, a physical adapter would work fine.


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