I installed iot service on Pi. I can get device id and check the device status. As far as I remember I also did not have difficulty in starting and stopping or restarting the service when I first installed it. Today however when I was doing other steps of the tutorial I started getting access denied error. After a few trials, I removed and reinstalled the service. I also restarted the Pi a few times. Still I have the problem in managing the service. The service runs itself (it is activated by OS during startup) My code also do not work it gets authorization related errors so I assumed if I can solve the managing the service I can also fix my some other problems.

I also wonder where can I see logs coming from services in Raspbian?

Thank you for your time and interest and merry Christmas to everybody :)


  • Maybe it is not related to the servicesI may be somehow changed the security settings of the Raspberry device so my authorization level is not enough to manage the services . Just an assumption.. Dec 24 '15 at 16:40

You can see the logs on /var/log/. I think it could be on syslog log.

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