Is it possible to transform my Raspberry Pi 2 model B into a capture card, I now know it will not be able to record 1080p in 60fps but it can be a fun project.

Can I do it using a mix of C#/C++ and Python or is it possible at all?

Xbox 360

Raspberry PI 2 Model B running Rasbpian.

Main PC running latest version of Windows 10 with VS 2015 For Desktop and OpenSSH installed with Cygwin.

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    You could probably find a USB capture solution that will work. Though as you point out performance may be poor. I would only try this with a Pi2. Verified working USB TV Tuners and DVB devices can be found on elinux elinux.org/… – Steve Robillard Dec 27 '15 at 10:51
  • thanks for the tip. but i dont want to buy any extra stuff to it right now, but i will keep that in mind. – Liam Rabe Dec 27 '15 at 11:18

Since the Raspberry Pi has no consumer-grade video inputs , your project is - as defined - impossible.

If you allow at least some additional components , it might be possible (Composite and HDMI USB framegrabbers , if expensive , do exist).

Note that still leaves the software question unanswered , that is , if those devices work on Raspbian Linux in a satisfactory manner (or at all).


I have no idea what quality you could obtain if it indeed worked and it seem like a rather round about route to go but it's possible to set up a stream feed using a Pi Cam which can be read by VLC. A quick google suggests Wireshark will capture RTP packets (?) and this linktalks about building packets into a file?

No idea but like you say interesting project for the right mind.

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    Capture card != IP Camera .... Do you propose to record the screen with a camera ? – flakeshake Jan 28 '16 at 7:35

give up. unless you are going to use a USB to do it you'll never do it.


BUT let me know if you find another way just comment

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Just saw this old thread...

It is possible to do what you are asking. Check out PiCapture.

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