So I just installed raspbian jessie lite on my pi 2. But I can't get it to login automatically. I first tried with raspi-config, which didn't work. Then after googling a bit, I found a tutorial which I'm suppose to edit inittab but when I try to access it, it's empty.

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    If you select the right option in raspi-config it should work. Anything using inittab won't. Indeed most of the tutorials before mid 2015 (and many after) are for SysV and won't work. Some will actually interfere with normal operation.
    – Milliways
    Jan 2 '16 at 0:57
  • @Milliways I have tried going into raspi-config, and changed the boot option to, console autologin but it doesn't work.
    – Yemto
    Jan 2 '16 at 8:31

I found a solution that uses raspi-config. I played around with it for a bit, and found something (NOTE: You may need to update raspi-config)

To enable Auto-login with raspi-config:

Run: sudo raspi-config
Choose option: 1 System Options
Choose option: S5 Boot / Auto Login
Choose option: B2 Console Autologin
Select Finish, and reboot the Raspberry Pi.

You should then be logged in automatically on every reboot. It's as easy as pi! :)

  • This should be the accepted answer. Worked perfectly.
    – slm
    Jul 2 '18 at 22:20
  • works like a charm,thanks man
    – FrontENG
    Sep 21 '19 at 4:29
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    For me it was: 1 System Options -> S5 Boot / Auto Login -> B2 Console Autologin
    – nimig18
    Sep 12 '21 at 20:48

I have the same Rasbian Jessie on a Ras Pi 2.

Try THIS (solution via raspberrypi.stackexchange) will probably help!

Good luck


First create a new service similar to getty@.service:

# cp /lib/systemd/system/getty@.service \

# ln -s /etc/systemd/system/autologin@.service \

then edit ExecStart, Restart and Alias values, like this:

ExecStart=-/sbin/mingetty --autologin USERNAME %I

and finally reload daemon and start the service:

systemctl daemon-reload systemctl start getty@tty8.service

Note that if you exit tty8 session, you wont be able to use it until next reboot or manual start by systemctl, except if you leave Restart as ‘always’, but I highly recommend to avoid this according to security reasons.

source: fedoraproject.org/wiki

  • This solution didn't work at all.
    – piepi
    Jan 1 '17 at 3:20
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    it doesn't work if you blindly copy paste it, if that's what you mean
    – Havnar
    Jan 3 '17 at 12:45

The simplest way I have found using Raspbian, is to edit the raspi-config file. Do this by opening /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and setting the autologin-user= parameter.

Change: autologin-user=pi to autologin-user=username where username is your username.

  • Since when did /etc/lightdm/lightdm.con [sic] became "the raspi-config file"? Never mind that there's simply no such file in the first place on Raspbian lite. Feb 7 '20 at 8:10

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