When trying to access my Raspberry Pi 2 with transmission-daemon up, I get an error Unauthorized IP Address.

In accordance with the manual, I've edited /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json:

"rpc-authentication-required": true,
"rpc-bind-address": "",
"rpc-enabled": true,
"rpc-password": "mychain",
"rpc-port": 9091,
"rpc-url": "/transmission/",
"rpc-username": "transmission",
"rpc-whitelist": ",192,192.168.*.*",
"rpc-whitelist-enabled": true,

I edited the JSON file with the daemon stopped and after saving the changes, I restarted the daemon.

I still got this error:

403: Forbidden

Unauthorized IP Address.

Either disable the IP address whitelist or add your address to it.

If you're editing settings.json, see the 'rpc-whitelist' and 'rpc-whitelist-enabled' entries.

If you're still using ACLs, use a whitelist instead. See the transmission-daemon manpage for details.
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    I think you may have a typo in the "rpc-whitelist" entry, I suspect it should be ",192.168.*.*" - is "localhost" i.e. the local machine where the software is running, and 192.168.x.x. is the set of Class C IP addresses reserved for LAN (which no self-respecting Modem/Router should pass out onto the WAN/Internet) - the first "192" has to be an erroneous entry IMHO. – SlySven Jan 3 '16 at 1:40
  • Soory,, i put "rpc-whitelist": ",192,192.168.*.*", but corrrect it's "rpc-whitelist": ",192.168.*.*",. My LAN it's Problen now it's other. – abkrim Jan 3 '16 at 7:59
  • Is it working now or not? BTW when writing comments it is worth it to take the time to check the spelling of your words is correct before you click "Add Comment" - you have plenty of time to write the comment - but it is only possible to fix smelling errors if you click on "edit" for a very short time afterwards - all in all it is better to get it right before you click to post the comment... 8-P – SlySven Jan 3 '16 at 17:19

A common mistake I did is mistaking




The one to modify is

"rpc-whitelist": "192.168.*.*",
"rpc-whitelist-enabled": true,

Note that to configure the Transmission daemon, it mustn't be running: Stop the daemon, edit the config, then restart the daemon. Otherwise your changes to the config file will be silently ignored and overwritten.



Correct line
"rpc-whitelist": ",192.168.*.*",
Incorrect line
"rpc-whitelist": ",192,192.168.*.*",
  • rpc-whitelist will also accept whitespace as well as commas: "rpc-whitelist": " 192.168.*.* ", – Ron K. Jan 9 '17 at 2:59

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