I created an account with the Raspberry Pi Store, but each time I attempt to login, I see a 500 Internal Server Error page.

I sent an email to IndieCity and did not receive a response.

I also attempted to reset my password to see if that would work, and did not receive an email.

I can't post on the Raspberry Pi Store forum, since I need an account to do that.

Anyone else having similar issues?

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    a 500 response code implies that the problem is on their server not anything that is under your control. – Steve Robillard Jan 9 '16 at 0:17
  • Is the store down for everyone, then? – mustbealennox Jan 9 '16 at 0:25
  • @SteveRobillard It's dead altogether. – PNDA Jan 9 '16 at 13:10
  • @PandaLion98 I was surprised anyone still used it. – Steve Robillard Jan 9 '16 at 13:45

I thought the Raspberry Pi Store died 2 years ago. Didn't indiecity go bankrupt?


That was a very poor response from Raspberry Pi Org (the foundation). The store had been defunct for several years. Avoid.

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Steve is correct. A response code of 500 means that there's something wrong with the store's web-server. Usually, this means that they have a fatal bug, or some internal system is down. There's nothing you can do about it.

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