OK. Let me start. I am busy making a musical floppy player, connected everything up to my Raspberry Pi, and wrote a Java program to control it. I used OpenJDK 7 on Raspbian Jessie Lite. Then I took a break from the Pi, and continued the program on my workstation. When I loaded it onto the Pi, it froze. Turns out OpenJDK doesn't like MIDI sequencers. So I uninstalled OpenJDK, and went through a hard time trying t oinstall the Oracle JDK. I tried:

  • PPA's (webupd8): turns out there isn't a version for jessie
  • i586, x64 JDK's: I was too stupid

Finally I arrived at the Oracle Java SE 7 JDK for ARM. Downloaded tar.gz, scp'ed to Pi, extracted with tar to /usr/lib/jvm. Used (while in root)

update-alternatives --install "/usr/bin/java" "java" "/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0_60/bin/java" 1
update-alternatives --install "/usr/bin/javac" "javac" "/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0_60/bin/javac" 1
chmod a+x /usr/bin/java
chmod a+x /usr/bin/javac

and all went perfectly. Then I tried java -version and got:

java: error while loading shared libraries: libjli.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I checked, there is definitely a libjli.so in /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0_60/lib/arm/jli and /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0_60/jre/lib/arm/jli

Any ideas?

  • Does the user you are running your program as have the libjli,so file directory in its path? – Steve Robillard Jan 10 '16 at 14:30
  • I didn't run my program yet, I only tried java -version. What path are you talking about? Sorry, I am still learning all the linux stuff – user3099265 Jan 10 '16 at 14:33
  • who did you run java version as (pi)? – Steve Robillard Jan 10 '16 at 14:34
  • I did it in root and pi, all the same – user3099265 Jan 10 '16 at 14:35
  • if the path for the user you ran java version as does not have that file in its path it won't gind it – Steve Robillard Jan 10 '16 at 14:35

Got it working. Turns out some weird stuff was happening with the permissions, so I installed Java 8 and it worked fine. Thanks Steve Robillard!


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