I amsetting up a raspberry to run as a kiosk with a webbrowser.. I got the webbrowser to start at login, everything is working fine.. the only think I cannot get to work is the auto-login feature in lightdm when the filesystem is in readonly mode. When I remove the read-only from the filesystem, it will autologin and start the webbrowser as I want it to. When I set it back to read-only I get a login screen at lightdm. Anyone has experience getting the auto-login to work in lightdm?

  • It worked.. thanks! The trick is to install unionfs-fuse.. thanks Mar 25, 2016 at 8:24

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You have to mount /home in such a way that it is writable (if only to ramdisk).

I used this guide and just did the same steps I did for /var and /etc for /home also.


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