I am building a Project where I Need to toggle between the power supplies of Adapter and a self power supply, Preferrablly an ac source which provides an UPS and stable supply without doing any harm to the board. I have seen many websites of providing a additional board to the PI, I would like to hear from the People who have used it.

  • Which type of raspberry are you using?
    – qwerty
    Jan 26, 2016 at 13:05
  • @qwerty I am using a Raspberry PI 2 Model B+ Jan 26, 2016 at 14:22

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Here, This will help you to provide an Unterrupted supply and can toggle between your adaptor supply and self supply(DC supply of 6V to 61V can be supplied along the board). I have personally used this board.

Cost of Strom pi 2 is a tad high but the StromPi 2 provides up to 3A of power which will be sufficient to supply even larger devices with enough power. It also has a reset function for the Raspberry Pi, which cleverly expands the UPS function of the StromPi 2. I have used it for Raspberry PI 2 Model B.

Data Sheets and requirements are also provided in the site.


Most easy way is to use a dumb USB battery pack. But this does not notify your Raspberry PI when there is a power loss. You really need a proper UPS which is connected with an USB cable running apcupsd.

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