how can i boot into a folder on an external hard drive (the hard drive has media on it - i simply want to be able to select the media and play it). i am trying to make a setup where an 82 year old relative can merely turn the pi on and then pick a video and play it (no surfing around in folders etc).

the hard drive is already mounting just fine. and i have it set up so that it automatically mounts on boot.

any help would be great - thanks

  • Hello and welcome. Could you please try to reformulate the title? It's very non-descriptive at best and misleading at worst. – Ghanima Jan 27 '16 at 10:31
  • Have you done any research on your own? What parts are you confused about? What good exactly is a device that boots strait to one movie? What if the 82 year old doesn't want to watch that movie, or doesn't want to watch it for the 800th time? – Jacobm001 Jan 27 '16 at 18:32

You should be able to set up Kodi to default to the Movies screen on boot.

In the Settings -> Appearance menu go to the Skin -> Startup menu and set it to Movies. If you then go into Skin -> Settings you have some options for removing menu items, which should help you to further simplify the interface and minimise the possibility that your relative will navigate into unfamiliar territory.

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