Recently i re-started fiddling around with smart card readers and raspberry pi. A few months ago when i started to fiddleing around with usb smartcard readers and raspberry pi, i was doing some testing/reading with readers like Konig CMP-SMARTRW10 and a HID reader and i dont remember installing any drivers or something similar, i did install pscs lib from Ludovic Rousseau, and i manage to get it working.

I recently pick up this project with some new readers, in this case mutek mtk-pt3901-2(http://www.mutek.com/pt39013902-half-insertion-pcsc-ic-card-reader/), and i am trying to make it work,but the card reader is not being detected. when i run pcsc_scan,it is saying "Scanning present readers...Waiting for the first reader..." but when i do lsusb it showes that there is something connected to the usb , but it does not show any details.. it appears as "Bus 001 Device 006: ID 4143:3901 ". This manufacter id and device id doesnt appear in libccid_info.plist.. What could be the problem? missing drivers?

Thanks in advance...

  • This seems to be the product of a Chinese Company ACT and there is little in the way of product details available - though that site reports a head life of 100K not 300K card passes...! It professes a USB(PC/SC) protocol and there does seem to be material relating to that out on the Internet (and you mention a pscs lib) - it may be as simple as getting that USB id recognised as a suitable device or much harder needing work with the coder of that library to add support.
    – SlySven
    Jan 28, 2016 at 2:28

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i manage to get it working, and it was a much simpler solution that i thought. What i did was add the add the manufactor id and device id to the file liccid_info_plist. In order to get these values what i did was issue the command lsusb to get the manufactor and device id in this case 4143 abd 3901, and add the sto the file libccid_info.plist, and restart the raspberry. After restart by issue the command lsub we can see the smart card reader with the name we stated on libccid_info.plist, and by doing pcsc_scan the smart card reader is detected and it uploads info from the card to the screen. I dont know if this is the best way, but i manage to get it working.

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