Hello everybody!

I'm trying to setup my raspberry pi as a second monitor (to something like synergy ) with my Debian laptop using x2x and I am unable to figure out what is going on. I tried following instructions from here, but I keep getting
x2x - error: can not open display :1.0
and other related problems.

Here are the links / guides I tried to follow:
First answer here: Can I use the Raspberry Pi as a second monitor?
Second answer here
Last answer here

Other than that, I'm stuck with my error messages. Could someone please point me to the right direction?


After a few quirks here and there, I managed to make the setup work magically. So what I ended up doing is rebooting my laptop and Rpi by running ssh -X IPADDR "x2x -to :0 -east" on my laptop. (with IPADDR being my Pi's IP address)

Just make sure that on both the Pi and the remote computer have the $DISPLAY set to :0 not localhost:0 or anything else. This can be checked with echo $DISPLAY.

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