I looked on the Raspberry Pi documentation here and I was trying to overclock my Raspberry Pi 2. But on the documentation page, I found options like force-turbo and other options that I didn't find in my config.txt, and I had made sure that I was looking in the right directory. Is my config.txt defective somehow? And, would it be fine if I just added the missing lines in. I am using Raspbian Wheezy (yes, it is up to date) on a Pi 2.

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Your RPi doesn't require all of the options listed in the documentation to be present in the config.txt file. Since most of them are optional, they're skipped to keep it cleaner and the processing time shorter. You can safely add them in yourself.

Option 2:

You could also edit the overclock settings by running the command sudo raspi-config and selecting an overclock option.

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