my issues is that when I boot my pi the time is always off. Now I have already set the time to my location I am in Eastern standard time(US), I have also tried to manually set the time using Powershell(PS) with remote access. Does daylight savings time play a role? Regardless if it is or not the clock is still not off by a complete hour and is something along the lines of being off by two hours and fifteen minutes.

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The Raspberry Pi does not have an onboard RTC (Real Time Clock).

This means that when the Pi is powered off, and back on again, it thinks that it is the same time as when it was powered off. (Assuming is has a fake-hwclock which most OS's contain.) Because it does not have a clock that ticks while it is off.

There are two ways to combat this:

1. NTP [Network Time Protocol

The easiest one by far. Just connect the Pi to a network, either via Ethernet or Wifi, when the Pi boots it will pull the current time from the network.

2. I2C RTC [Real Time Clock]

The best method for portable projects, or when a network is not an option. You can purchase an I2C RTC here or here (if you don't want to/can't buy it from these sellers you can just search this on Google). There is a great tutorial for this at The Pi Hut for Raspbian systems. It works by a tiny battery powering a small clock on the module, and when your Pi boots, a script is ran that pulls the current time from this clock.

I am currently using both NTP and an RTC on multiple Raspberry Pis and I can say they both work great.

  • This is my fault for not making the question more clear. My raspberry pi is displaying the wrong time, RTC doesn't seem like a option(don't have the money), I already have my pi connected to my companies network through Ethernet that is how I am able to connect to my Pi through PS, however the time is still not adjusting to the networks time.
    – JKMartinez
    Feb 8, 2016 at 19:49

An option could be to use an external Web Service to get the time if your router does not have your appropriate time-zone available.

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