I've installed Baracuda drive on my Raspberry Pi in order to access files located on an attached USB drive from a browser. This works well in my local network and now I want to open a port on my router to access the files via the internet. I want to use an HTTPS connection for obvious reasons, but this is not supported by default.

Baracuda drive has some tunneling software as desribed here, but it doesn't seem to work on a Pi's architecture. I get a:

./MxTunnel: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

when I try to run it.

So to get HTTPS working, I want to install software called Stunnel. Is this a good way to get my HTTPS connection up and running or are there easier/better alternatives?

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    You do realize that MxTunnel is a client, right? (which means that you should run it on the computer you're using to access your files)
    – Aloha
    Feb 6 '16 at 12:08
  • I thought it was for the server
    – Kritz
    Feb 6 '16 at 15:00
  • Nyope. You thought wrong.
    – Aloha
    Feb 6 '16 at 15:01

No, you cannot use MxTunnel on the pi since I checked MxTunnel out and they provide a pre-compiled binary (which I'm sure is for x86 or x64, not ARM).

Probably the most convenient option (in my opinion) would be SFTP which is FTP with an S on it (which means secure). It's quite easy to set up using vsftpd and a few port forwards. Using Filezilla to access your files surely won't hurt except for the fact that you need that software to access your home files.

  • I don't want to install any software to access the files, so that's why I don't want to use sftp.
    – Kritz
    Feb 6 '16 at 15:01

You need to compile Stunnel from source; it looks like it is only distributed precompiled for android or x86-64, which is not uncommon. Fortunately there is a .tar.gz package on their downloads page.

Open that up:

tar -xzf stunnel-5.30.tar.gz


cd stunnel-5.30
./configure --help

This will show you some options but they are probably not very interesting. The only one you need to use is --with-gnu-ld and even that is usually irrelevant.

You will need some stuff installed first; on Raspbian at least:

apt-get install gcc
apt-get install make
apt-get install libssl-dev

Then from within the unpacked directory try:

./configure --with-gnu-ld
make test

The last one may not happen, try make check if it doesn't. If neither one works don't worry about it.


sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

I'm not sure that sudo make works (it really shouldn't...but that's tangential). You may need to su root instead to run make install.

  • So I was able to install Stunnel, but I realized now that I can just access baracuda directly via https. I have no idea why I assumed they don't support it. I guess that whole page on MXTunnel confused me.
    – Kritz
    Feb 7 '16 at 18:30

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